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GPS without internet connection

The GPS has gradually replaced our good old cards. Now just download the right app to find your routes offline. We are necessarily thinking of Maps, but there are plenty of other practical GPS navigation solutions. Here is our selection of the best GPS without an Internet connection on Android.

With the appearance of smartphones still connected, cartography and search for routes have evolved with services like Maps to make use of this permanent connection. The problem, it may happen that our smartphone does not pick up the mobile network or that we voluntarily cut its connection, especially abroad (to avoid roaming charges). In these cases, the best solution is to use a GPS application capable of operating without an Internet connection. Then simply download the maps of the region in advance for peaceful navigation.

So here we offer our selection of the best free and paid GPS apps you can find on the Store. You will always have your navigation maps at hand!

Indeed, the offline mode of Maps obliges the user to select the area he wants to have available all the time and it is not infinite. It is not yet possible to download the entire Earth!

The application offers great knowledge of roads around the world also thanks to its open-source map system which can be completed by the community. The Map interface is however complex (but complete) to handle, and the display of maps can belong.

Above all, it does not only manage routes by car, but also public transport services (Metro, bus, tram, etc.).

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